Breaking! Air purifier company seeks emergency FDA approval for device that rids indoor air of virus

ActivePure says its plug-in purification systems can eliminate coronavirus-causing pathogens in the air

Clean Up the Air in Your Greenville, NC Home

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There are a lot of toxins, allergens and dust particles that make their way into your home every single day. Make sure you're breathing clean air by investing in an air purifier for the home. Aerus of Greenville sells and installs professional air purification systems throughout the Greenville, NC area. All of our systems go above and beyond, using laboratory- and university-tested technology to kill things like mold and viruses.

Are you tired of dealing with allergens inside your own home? Get rid of them quickly with a new air purifier.

Air Quality

Air Quality

Keeping you safe inside your home

At Aerus of Greenville, it's our top priority to make sure you have a clean, safe space to live in. You can turn to us for...

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We prioritize quality research

We've been working with Aerus proudly for more than 24 years, and we believe wholeheartedly in all of our products. When you have thorough research and top-quality innovation behind each system, you can keep your home clean with confidence. We use ActivePure Technology in all of our air purification systems. The Space Foundation even awarded our technology the Certified Space Technology seal.